Aaron Guo


Interests: I enjoy singing, playing the piano, reading books, and writing songs. In the future, I hope to study marine zoology in university. I am also passionate about archery and badminton.


I enjoy learning and exploring new hobbies and knowledge. I have always been a friendly and helpful person, and I wished to bring that idea and passion to help my community which I so greatly adore. I hope to bring love and joy to the people around me through the YouShine Foundation.

Sophia Xu


Interests: Drawing occupies most of my spare time. In the future, I expect to learn Arts at University. I also like Kpop dancing, reading, and watch movies.


I feel proud of being a member of You shine Foundation. I have been in Vancouver for five years and I rarely feel participating in the city I loved. I believe I can face more chances to connect with people, society, and love in You Shine.

Miya Deng

Interests: I love to travel and whenever I go, I love to record my journies down through pen and paper. 


Ever since I became more and more knowledgeable of the social justices problems and inequality happening in both my local community and internationally, I felt prompted to do something about it. This led me to join the YouShine Foundation this year. I  am responsible for Foundation's social media interactions and also works on the Foundation's Executive Team.

President 2020-2021

Public Relation 2020-2021

Vice President 2020