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Thank you for your kindness.

Photography Contest 2021

Celebration of Happiness


March 20th is the International Day of Happiness. As we face a global crisis together, let us find positive ways to look after ourselves and each other. 

The International Day of Happiness is, of course, a day to be happy. It is celebrated by the United Nations to recognize the importance of happiness in our daily lives. In 2021, YouShine Foundation hopes to contribute to promoting cheer and joy during these difficult times. 

For this event, we hope to gather photographs of smiles to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. 

Contest Format

The 2021 Celebration of Happiness Photography Contest would be open to all students from grades 8 to 12 around the world from March 1st, 2021 to August 30th, 2021. During this one-month period, any aspiring photographers may submit their artwork digitally following the instructions below with no registration or participation fee. Please make sure that your submission is saved as a jpg file. 

Submit any photo that shows a smile or an action that provokes happiness​


The submissions will be voted and a top three will be selected. They will each receive a cash prize of 500/300/100 CAD respectively. 


  • The work you submit must be original and your own idea, plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

  • Each student is allowed to submit one image for this contest. 

  • Works that are not related to our requirements will not be judged.

  • Submissions with an incomplete form will not be judged. 

  • All submissions will be done through email.

*Please carefully read all rules before submitting your work*

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